CUGATE Classics is a classical music label founded by Memo Rhein in the nineteen nineties.
Memo Rhein started producing a series of classical music records, along side his partner Iris Mazur. These records where recorded in eastern European countries including Russia, Lithuania and Georgia, with the intent of creating a cultural exchange in the aftermath of the Cold War. The series grew to include over 800 albums, all of which where recorded in high definition 24 bit / 96 khz – pioneering new recordings standards. The catalogue consists not only of famous compositions, but also of lesser known symphonic and chamber music. Furthermore the catalogue includes Georgian and Russian ethnic works, as well as international classical pieces.

300 of these records were licensed to SONY CLASSICAL. However, do to their differences, Rhein and SONY ended their partnership, leaving CUGATE Classics in charge of the remaining material.
In addition to releasing records, Rhein started focusing on the development of anti-piracy software, as well as comprehensive 4k Ultra High Definition video development.

Coincidentally, Rhein met a former Sony Classical manager in the late 2000s. Together they decided to relaunch the complete archived catalogue. The material was then remastered in the award winning b-sharp studio, located in Berlin. Thus, CUGATE Classics is releasing the remaining Albums, which you can purchase on our Bandcamp page.